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Membership Information

New Membership Offer:

Join from 1st January and get 15 months Membership for the price of 12.

Don't renew again until March 2018. Monthly Payments available

Contact the club for details with this great offer.


Fees from 1st January 2017

Fees are for 12 Months Membership

Male Golfing Member $500
Country Male Member $450
Male Sportsman $250

Student Male Member


Introductory Male Member



Lady Golfing Member



Country Lady Member $450
Lady Sportsman $250
Student Lady Member $250

Introductory Lady Member


Junior Member

Social Member (non playing)



Download Membership Form

Download Introductory Membership Form

Download Junior Membership Form

Download Monthly Direct Debit Form

Introductory Membership:

A new class of membership is available for new membership, previous members and current Sevens Members. a Introductory Membership is only $250 and will give you a AGU Golf Link handicap. There are restrictions with playing rights with this membership, but you can play in any Sunday comps, Public Holiday comps.
There will be selected Saturday competitions that you can also play in, these to be determined by the Board of Directors.

You can only be a Introductory Member for the 1st year, then once renewals come around you must change to another class of membership.

You can download this form above.

Monthly Payments:
A monthly payment facility is available with your membership. Contact the club for details if you wish to use this option for your membership payment.

Pro Rate Rates:
Membership fees begin from 1st March each year and end 28th February each year.
Pro rata rates are available from 1st March each year and are calculated daily.